William Wallets (President, CEO, CFO, Head Honcho)

Not an accountant.
Not a C F P either.
Nor a pro writer.

In fact, I have no
Formal certifications
Except in haikus.

I’m a normal dude.
Recent college graduate,
And I like Poker.

I am creating
This site for a few reasons.
For some of my thoughts

On economics,
Personal finance and more.
Many young people

Make poor financial
Decisions and don’t realize
How it will affect

Them in the future.
I hope this site can serve as
Some entertaining

Reading, as a guide
And as a resource for young
people to conquer

Their financial woes
And be at peace with themselves
And their bank accounts.

My name is not real
But for now, you may call me
Sir William Wallets.

Benjamin Frankbling (Editor and Contributor)

Benjamin designs and manages the development of anti money laundering systems for a global financial services firm. The abridged version is that he is a nerd who understands money and the principles behind intelligent investing. He spends his time correcting William’s spelling and grammatical errors and authors a post or two when the crave hits him.

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