So, you’re new to A Financial Revolution (AFR).

AFR is a blog about personal finance, investing, economics and more. Some of you are probably familiar with the recent slew of personal finance blogs popping up all over the internet. I’m sure you’re asking why AFR is different. Here at AFR, you will find a variety of posts dealing with twists of investing advice, saving advice, tax advice, economics discussions, and much, much more. This site is geared towards the younger generation. I’d like to offer insights to college students and young professionals who are looking for resources to help them to maintain control over their financial situations. I also want to provide some background information on concepts that many people never learn about in school, in areas such as investing, financial mathematics, economics, and ways to be frugal.

I hope to present you with many ideas that you are familiar with but provide the explanations in creative, thorough and insightful ways. I also hope to present you with many ideas that you may not have heard.

Disclaimer: I make a good faith effort to research my topics thoroughly and state the facts accurately, but everyone makes mistakes at times. Before you act on any advice given here, make sure you consult a professional (No, I am not a professional.) While the Internet is an excellent source of information, as a rule of thumb, I recommend always confirming your research from reliable sources before listening to random people (me) on the Internet. Remember that no information presented on this site constitutes legal or financial advice, as I am not a licensed professional that is qualified to present such advice.

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