Welcome to the 62nd Carnival of Investing, the first Carnival ever hosted by A Financial Revolution. You are about to join us for an exciting experience during which we will present the 5 Oscars of Investing to the bests posts of the week. I am your host, William Wallets. The staff and I here at A Financial Revolution are looking to put together an intensive blog that teaches the younger generation about personal finance and investing with examples and in depth posts about various topics. Please take the time to look around, I am sure you’ll find something that you’ll like.

Investing OscarsWithout further ado, let’s check out the Oscars Edition of the Carnival of Investing. This week, we received 16 submissions in 5 categories. The 5 awards we will be presenting this week are: Best Personal Finance Film, Best Directing of Investment Advice, Best Documentary (Most Informative), Best Foreign Film (Sector Specific), and Best Special Effects (Technical Explanation). First, I’ll present the nominees and then at the end of the post, I’ll announce the winners of the Oscars!

Best Personal Finance Film

Best Directing of Investing Advice

Investing OscarsBest Documentary (Most Informative)

Best Foreign Film (Sector Specific)

Best Special Effects (Technical Explanation)

Investing Oscars

The Oscar for Best Personal Finance Film goes to Top 10 Money Tips For Almost Everyone!

The Oscar for Best Directing of Investing Advice goes to Before the Crash: Buying Stocks With Debt!

The Oscar for Best Documentary (Most Informative) goes to 20 Typical Reasons To Sell Your Stock Or Mutual Fund!

The Oscar for Best Foreign Film (Sector Specific) goes to Effective Real Estate Strategies For Slow Markets!

The Oscar for Best Special Effects (Technical Explanation) goes to TWO Nominees, in an extremely close race. Approximating Social Security’s Rate of Return and Investing - Asset Allocation - Part 4!!

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