I wanted to take this Sunday afternoon opportunity to present some of the features that A Financial Revolution has to offer. If you notice on the right sidebar, there is a section called features. I’ll be giving some brief descriptions of these features in hopes that the readers will find them at least somewhat useful.

Welcome New Visitors - An introduction to A Financial Revolution. Why we’re here and what we’re setting out to do.

The Staff - The staff of A Financial Revolution. Right now it’s just me (William Wallets) and Benjamin Frankbling. We may add on some board members soon, stay tuned.

The Archives - A Financial Revolution’s Archives. Here you’ll find a list of every post that has ever appeared on AFR. Search the archives, I am sure you’ll find something that interests you.

Multi-Part Series - A listing of the multi-part series posts on AFR. The popular series include Introduction to Investments and Uncle Sam’s Revenge! Have any suggestions for series? Let us know!

Product Reviews - Various financial products and services and AFR’s take on each of the products. We here at AFR have high expectations and give our reviews with this high expectations in mind.

William Wallets’ Library - Suggestions for financial reading from William Wallets. Reviews and overviews will be added over the course of the coming weeks.

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