I want to thank everyone that has read, followed, and participated in A Financial Revolution over the course of it’s first few months in existence. I hope that 2007 will bring more readers, ideas, and personal finance knowledge to each and every one of us.

I want to take this opportunity to highlight my favorite posts of the year. Even though most of them are pretty recent, (Hey! We’re only a few months old) the newer group of readers may have not seen them yet! Are there any other posts which you guys really enjoyed?

Without further ado, my 5 favorite posts of 2006:

The Best Student Credit Card - Hands Down
Who: This post is for people who are looking to build their credit history, want a credit card that rewards you for getting good grades, or those of you who want to rack up tons of Thank You Points for spending money on what you already spend money on.
What: This post is a product review for Citi’s mtvU Platinum Select Visa Card. This post will discuss the pros, cons, and some general facts about this credit card.

Uncle Sam’s Revenge Part 1: Tax Basics
Who: This post is for those of you who have no idea how the income tax works or is assessed. You will find this post helpful if you want a general idea of how your taxes work and if you want a conceptual idea of how to file a tax return.
What: This post will give an overview of how the income tax works and how it is assessed. The concepts of deductions, credits, withholdings, and exemptions will be discussed.

The Basics III: Opportunity Cost and Risk/Reward
Who: This post is for people looking for an economic twist to finance and for those who want to get an understanding of two fundamental economic and financial concepts.
What: This post will discuss opportunity cost and how to apply the theory in the real world. Also, this post will discuss the relationship between risk and reward and what it means for you.

Investing 102: Creating Your Allocation
Who: This post is for people who are looking to create an investment plan for themselves. It may help if you have read the first part in the series, Investing 101: Components to Create an Allocation.
What: This is the second post in the series of the basics on investing. This post will briefly discuss asset allocation and what it means for different people.

Make the Most of Your Roth IRA
Who: This post is for people who already contribute to their Roth IRA (and know that it kicks some ass) regularly and want to make the most of their investment returns.
What: Everyone knows that the Roth IRA is totally sweet. This post will discuss how to maximize the benefit that you get from your Roth IRA.

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