Who: This post is aimed towards people who spend a lot of money and want a single card to use for most of their purchases. If you’re looking for an excellent, William Wallets endorsed credit card, this one is for you.
What: This post will discuss the pros and cons of the American Express Blue Cash Credit Card.

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Every once in awhile here at A Financial Revolution, I will make a product recommendation. I will only make this recommendation if I feel that a product is an outstanding investment, fantastic value, and/or miles ahead of it’s competition. My first product recommendation is going to be a credit card; the American Express Blue Cash Credit Card. First I’ll be discussing some cons, then some pros, and then I will end with a brief summary and my thoughts.

The Cons

1. This card’s value is derived from high purchase volume. You have to spend over $6,500 in a year to start achieving the full benefits of the card.  You only receive 1.5% cash back on supermarket, gas station, and convenience store purchases and 0.5% back on other purchases for all spending under $6500 for the year.

2. You will need average or above average credit to be approved for this credit card. If you have poor credit, try elsewhere. There will be many posts on cards for those with lower credit scores. With that being said, you don’t need a GREAT credit history, just a solid one.

3. I really can’t think of any other cons.

The Plentiful Pros

1. There is no annual fee.

2. In the age of disappearing cash back cards, it’s refreshing to see a 5% card still around (there are a very select few others). Once you’ve spent $6,500 for the year, every purchase you make at a supermarket, gas station, and convenience store earns you 5% cash back.

3. After $6,500, you get 1.5% back on ALL other purchases, a feature which is currently not beaten by any top tier credit card.

4. American Express has fantastic buyer protection guarantees. This card includes a 90 day merchandise return guarantee, and plenty of car and travel insurance as well.

5. 0% APR on purchases for 12 months.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the reason this card is so good for big spenders is the 5% and 1.5% cash back on purchases after $6,500 for the year. If you don’t spend a significant amount during the course of a year, you’re probably better off with some other combination of credit cards. American Express is a top notch company and I have had nothing but good experiences with this card.

Final Verdict: B+
Note: This verdict reflects a highly complex algorithm which determines how awesome a financial product is. This is not limited to credit cards.

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