Dear Readers,

I want to take this opportunity to welcome everyone to the site. My name is William Wallets and you can read about me on the author page.

“So why, William, should I bother giving a damn about your site?”

Simple. You should give a damn because I will cut through as much bullshit as I can. There will be no wading through dense legal material, no reading useless articles that avoid answering the questions that YOU want the answers to. How do I know what questions you have? Because I have asked those same questions. Information on this site will be useful to plenty of people. However, most of this site will be focused on college students and young professionals looking to make the most of their financial situation. So why is this site named AFinancialRevolution? Well, the honest is answer is that every other site name that I thought of was taken. But the PR Spin is that this site aims to educate you, entertain you, and inform you about personal finance. I’ll cut through the useless, and give you the useful. On the Internet nowadays, that’s a rarity. Together, we’ll revolutionize how us young folk think about personal finance.

Stay tuned for my first post: The Basics.

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